The Massies' Rejsegilde ceremony was held at 600 Valley Oak Road on March 11, 2018.  According to Robin Massie:

The Rejsegilde, or "Topping Out" was originally held to calm the "evil spirits." The building is decorated with a wreath at the highest point of the home soon after that point has been reached in the construction. The wreath is made of plants that contain "good spirits." The good spirits are passed to the home so that it is a safe place to live. I've also read that the wreath honors the trees cut down to build the house and the forest animals displaced by the new home.

According to more contemporary tradition, the Rejsegilde is held to thank the craftspeople on the construction project. In that way, the newly built house has a good start. The contractor and architect have an opportunity to speak. Everyone who has contributed to the home joins in the celebration and often neighbors and friends are also invited.